Volunteer Crew

Calling All Crew!

Many people ask, “What does it take to put up a Hot Air Balloon?” Or, “How can I get a balloon ride?”


Well, here is your opportunity!


We are in need of Volunteer Crew for the White Mountains Hot Air Balloon Festival, June 25-27.  Friendly pilots from several states and 20 balloons will be participating in our event and invite you to assist in setting up, launching, and packing up the balloons.  Each balloon will require 2 – 4 volunteers.  Volunteer crew should be available for 2 – 3 hours around sunrise at the launch field at Mountain Meadow Recreation Complex.  


Don’t know what you are doing? That’s okay. Experienced pilots are there to instruct you along the way, and if you are familiar with the local area roads and/or towing a trailer, you may become the pilot’s new best friend.


While not a guarantee, pilots try to reward the hard work of their dedicated volunteers with a flight.


Don’t miss this opportunity to get up close and personal with these gentle giants as they put on a show.


To volunteer please contact Tony Alba at


The 2021 White Mountains Balloon Festival will be held at

Mountain Meadows Recreation Complex. 

1101 S. Woodland Road

Lakeside, AZ 85929